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Mermaid Facial

​Be like a Mermaid, immerse in water


Why be a mermaid? Why do we need to moisturise the underlying skin? 

Hong Kong is famous for serious air pollution. Thus, our skin is experiencing four seasons in a day. The indoor air-condition is strong and dry, and outdoor is very humid and heated. Therefore, it is hard to keep our skin at our very best. I am no exception. I’m born with sensitive skin; sometimes my skin gets so dry that it skin peels off and other times it is so oily that acne appears.  (Please refer to the picture. In fact, it takes courage to put a picture of myself not having the perfect skin , I hope I did not scare you) 


And there has always been acnes on the forehead, but without swollen heads. I did needle cleaning and aqua peel and both can’t help! I had no choice but to improve the base of the skin! If you do not do a good job of moisturizing, dehydrated skin will cause marionette lines, deeper creases and breakouts.  


That’s why I tried countless facials and experimented many ways on my way, and in the end I got an outstanding result! After finishing the treatment, the deep moisturizing effect will amaze you; your skin will instantly shine! I remember the moment after finishing the procedure; the therapist gave me a mirror, I looked into the mirror and saw that my skin was bright and clean again. Of course, the gray and dark cuticles on my face were gone too!


After 3-4 treatments of the Mermaid Facial, my dark gains became less and less. I have finally discovered this amazing Mermaid Facial!

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What is the Mermaid Facial? 


In a nutshell, a basic facial for skin retention, using B3 and B5 to achieve a balance of water and oil , helps keep skin moisturized at times and reduce excessive secretion of oil. Generally, 10 treatments can achieve a desired result. However, the effect varies from person to person. 


Mainly for: 

Sensitive/ dry/ combination skin (Oil skin can go for B3) 

Often covered skin with makeup

Dark particles skin

Dull Skin


Main ingredients: 

15% glycolic acid helps exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal brighter layers of skin


40% hyaluronic acid B5, the highest concentration in the market, rehydrates the skin and helps it retain moisture


B5 Gel Mask, a natural humectant 


Collagen peptide helps firming, lifting, and smoothing fine lines 


B3 helps with oily skin, to balance water and oil and solves acne problems

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Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 11.01.56 PM.png

The Mermaid Facial chooses  🇺🇸American DermaQuest B5/B3 

There are many products that contain B3/B5, why choose DermaQuest? 


DermaQuest has won numerous awards and was founded by scientists who specialized in medical stem cells. With a large team of dermatologists and scientists, we have developed a variety of medical plant stem cell formulas with different skin treatment effects. All products are made in USA, strictly managed from research and development to production, to ensure that they meet the highest specifications.

It is famous for the highest-tech medical plant stem cells (stem cells), collagen peptides (peptides), technology research and development has been 20 years, so it has reached the point of perfection, plus vitamin B, made a unique essence. Natural ingredients can effectively help vitamin B blend into human skin, suitable for all skin types!​


Collagen peptides (peptides):


Collagen is originally a macromolecule and is not easily absorbed by the skin. However, after collagen is hydrolyzed, collagen hydropeptides will be produced, which greatly increases the solubility and makes collagen easily absorbed by the skin, replenishes and repairs abnormal collagen, improves skin elasticity, and eliminates wrinkles.

Plant stem cells (stem cells):


With self-healing power, it fully penetrates into the stratum corneum of the skin to achieve a moisturizing and firming effect.

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40% Hyaluronic Acid 

Which Mermaid are you?

Hyaluronic acid is the key to smooth, flawless and moisturized skin!

Our own body skin cells produce hyaluronic acid naturally to maintain moisture content.


However, with skin aging, and different environmental factors will keep skin's moisture content down which leads to sensitive, dull, fine lines appear, unevenness and lack of elasticity on the face.


Therefore, the essence of Mermaid Facial contains plant stem cells and high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which is as high as 40%. If you want a full moisturition, you must try this!

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#B5 The Strongest Moisturizing Factor  

Dehydration is one of the biggest problems when you skin is aging, which will cause wrinkles and make you look "old". B5 not only is gentle and non-sensitive but also provide super hydration on your skin, infiltrate the deepest layer of the skin and moisturize and recover stratum corneum, allowing your skin pump back again to glowing and young skin condition.

Are you the right candidate? 

  • Dry/combination/sensitive skin


Improve and promote: 

  • Skin dehydration 

  • Dry skin condition 

  • Locks/ replenish skin water 

  • Enhance skin elasticity 

#B3 Best For Acnes

B3 is a magic weapon for skin repair, a savior for acne muscles, and the repurchase rate is extremely high!

Are you the right candidate?

  • Oil skin/ Acne 


Improve and promote: 

  • It can improve and promote: 

  • Solve the problems of acne and enlarged pores 

  • Whitening 

  • Increase Collagen  


How it's done?

​Becoming a Mermaid, step by step

giphy step 2.gif

Step 1 Clean Up Your Skin


step 4.gif
giphy (3).gif

Step 2 Prep the Skin

Step 3 Get in, B5


Step 4 Double Up Goodness

Step 5 Bling Bling Skin


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giphy (5).gif
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