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EVRbeauty | EVERY individual is a BEAUTY

EVR stands for EVERY BEAUTY. 
We resonate with our EVRBABES who take good care of themselevs from the inside out. We believe we can always strive for a better version of ourselves, and EVRbeauty is honoured to accompany you along the journey. 

EVR Mission:
To create the best and the most professional beauty service experience that promotes empowerment and confidence in women.

By exploring edge-cutting beauty technology, providing comprehensive professional services and personalised customer care, we bring beauty services to next level.

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Laser hair removal price list is very clear and straight forward, where I know the what amount i exactly need to pay and also the result Im gonna receive.I love the speed and permanent laser effect on  hair removal, and I NO LONGER NEED WAXING anymore. Thank you EVRbeauty 



I went to EVR for laser hair removal. Therapists there are exceptionally professional, and the treatment process is quick and fast. Most importantly, the effect is extraordinary and my hair is permanently gone forever!😆😆😆

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EVRbeauty staff are extremely friednly and nice. I don't feel any pressure at all during the consultation even I asked a lot of questions. The laser treatment took me like 15mins, which is super fast and effective❤️❤️I will definitely recommend to all of my friends!

4.9 (100,000+reviews)

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