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The Technology GentleMAX™



The GentleMax PRO ®755 LASER TECHNOLOGY in Hong Kong is the latest hair removal technology on the market. It is one model more advanced than PRO-U and PRO-LE. Equipped with an "upgraded" PRO-U®755 intelligent cooling system, which can solve hair problems more safely and accurately. With the international authoritative certification of hair removal effect as the standard, 6 treatments per year, promise permanent results.


EVRbeauty uses the top American GentleMAX® PRO brand new hair removal technology to develop personalized laser hair removal treatments for all Hong Kong customers. We have a senior medical beauty team; all laser therapists have more than 1,000 hours of professional training and a laser hair removal license issued by CANDELA. EVRbeauty is committed to providing you with the most efficient, safest and most intimate laser hair removal treatment. We offer a professional free 30-minute laser hair removal test to ensure that the treatment is suitable for your skin. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your hair and skin condition, we can provide you with tailor-made laser hair removal treatment recommendations. Register your exclusive experience below immediately.



Frozen laser hair removal technology, the theory is to penetrate the 755nm laser light source into the root of the hair follicle, the absence of damage to the surrounding skin tissue, completely destroy the hair follicle tissue, really achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. 


755NM Laser Wavelength 

755nm laser hair removal wavelength’s energy is most absorbed by Asians; it is the best wavelength for laser hair removal. 6 treatments per year help to ensure permanent results. 


The Original Refrigerant CRYOGEN

Break through the traditional freezing method, without the need of applying traditional ice; the process is cool but not frozen.  A cooling burst of cryogen on the skin ensures the treatment is not only effective but also comfortable. 


Completely Destroy Hair Follicles

After the laser is absorbed by the melanin of the hair, the heat transfers to the bottom of the hair follicle and destroys the hair follicle. Through a lightweight hand-held instrument, it transmits and emits intensive laser energy to the skin and hair surface. After the hair follicle absorbs it, it converts it into heat energy, destroying the roots, but does not affect nearby tissues.


Free Consultation, Never Hard Sell 

Free evaluation on the most suitable laser hair removal treatments for guests, all treatments have life-long warranty services, no hard sell and no additional charges!


Free Laser Test & Skin Analysis   

it takes only 30mins   

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Register for a free consultation to fully understand your hair and skin condition, and provide treatment suggestions, learn more and decide which treatment is best for you. The process takes only 30 minutes. After completing the consultation, an EVR anti-epidemic care pack will be given to you! (Value: $300)

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Laser hair removal price list is very clear and straight forward, where I know the what amount i exactly need to pay and also the result Im gonna receive.I love the speed and permanent laser effect on  hair removal, and I NO LONGER NEED WAXING anymore. Thank you EVRbeauty 

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I went to EVR for laser hair removal. Therapists there are exceptionally professional, and the treatment process is quick and fast. Most importantly, the effect is extraordinary and my hair is permanently gone forever!😆😆😆



EVRbeauty staff are extremely friednly and nice. I don't feel any pressure at all during the consultation even I asked a lot of questions. The laser treatment took me like 15mins, which is super fast and effective❤️❤️I will definitely recommend to all of my friends!

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